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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for how much you have helped me. I picked you as a counsellor because when i googled counsellors on Psychology Today it showed a picture of you and I thought you looked like a really nice person. And I was right. I think part of successful treatment is finding a counsellor you click with. And it's so easy to click with you because you are so open, sincere, and kind. People around me have noticed a huge change, and I owe you a big thank you for helping me overcome my struggles and become more optimistic and calm because I feel like I can deal with things. You have a way of connecting that is genuine, practical, and makes a person feel good themselves. I would recommend you to any woman I know who is struggling with PPD, or with anything for that matter. 

It's really hard to put into words how much ava helped me, to say that she completely change my life is an understatement. Before her my anxiety was so very bad my life was affected. She help me learn the skills I needed to get better. Ava makes you feel so comfortable and so safe that it make it easy for you to truly tell her how you feel. I couldn't have been the person I am today without her. Thanking her just doesn't seem like enough. I would recommend her to anyone who needed the help.

Ava Clark was very professional at all times. It was very beneficial in helping me gain confidence, focus and a new way of looking at myself.

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