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Are you secretly suffering from parental burnout
and don’t even know it?….
Are you exhausted?
Does every day feel like Groundhog Day
and you feel irritated at the slightest things?

Feel like you are just surviving mom life and not really thriving?
Are your kids with ADHD or High Needs just driving you crazy?
(Even though you love them to bits!)

Did you know that parents of children with ADHD and other High Needs are more likely to experience Parental Burnout? Maybe you have never heard of this term before, but I’m here to help shed some much-needed light on this topic. So many moms are suffering from it yet don’t know it’s "a thing", or why they are experiencing so many layers of feeling "off"

Do you want to know what stage of burnout you might be in? If you haven't done so already, take my quiz below to find out. 

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SO, here’s the deal… You can’t build a house by watching DIY shows and TikToks, right? Likewise, it’s pretty near impossible to get yourself out of Parental Burnout without blueprints, tools and a bit of professional help.

Trust me, I discovered my blueprint for healing parental burnout by going through it!

 (And lots of formal education helps, too. More on that below.)

When my son was a year and a half, I rock bottomed with burnout and everything came to a crashing halt. I was a mess. I was exhausted beyond what I had ever experienced before. I was irritable and I felt like the worst mom too, because I could barely manage taking care of my baby, let alone myself. I brought my son to daycare everyday because I just didn’t have the energy to be there for him like I wanted to. This was so far from the mother that I knew I really was deep down, and who I could be if I wasn’t so deeply tired and disconnected. I didn’t figure this method out all on my own (I had lots of help from others, including professionals, and formal training). But along the way I gathered some very key strategies into my blueprint for beating burnout. Since then, I have been implementing strategies into my routine to keep my nervous system healthy, stay energized, and to prioritize my own self care. This is how I returned to “superstar” parenting my own son with ADHD.

My 3 Part Training Series- the “Beating Burnout Blueprint” will help you to get clear on what burnout stage you are at and how to take steps towards Beating Burnout and feeling like the Superstar Mom that you Truly are!

Here is what you can expect from this three part training on
The Blueprint to Beating Parental Burnout

Understanding Parental Burnout – Signs, Symptoms and Stages

What are the 3 most important things you need to do to start getting out of burnout!

Creating a plan of action and starting to implement strategies to feel calm, more energized, improve self care and to start having more fun with your kids.

This program has exceptional value because I want you to walk away with a plan!

Are you in? Yes? ….Awesome sauce!

To get started… purchase and now for only $17 and start your journey out of Parental Burnout and get ready to embrace the Superstar mom you truly are.


I’m also a registered clinical counsellor and a life coach for moms of children with ADHD and High Needs. I’ve had over 15 years experience working with moms and neurodivergent kiddos, so on top of life experience, I have the professional credentials to help you beat parental burnout and thrive as a parent of a challenging child.


This blueprint is the start of your journey towards recognizing and recovering from Parental Burnout…. and it's really going to make a difference in your life – I promise!

Xo Ava

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