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Introducing you to my 3-month premier program

Introducing you to my
3-month premier program

This entails my proven ‘Better Balance Blueprint.’ 

Moms of kids with ADHD
Coaching for Moms of kids with ADHD

What you will learn inside this unique coaching experience

Your going to find better balance, get your energy back, and improve your self-care!

Understand burnout and your nervous system as well as activities to calm.

Improve your relationship with your kid, have more fun, less frustration and more patience.

Gain more tools for your toolbox that help you cope with all that comes your way by prioritizing, scheduling, and understanding what’s getting in your way.

Learn how to challenge the mom guilt and find your joy again as a human in and outside of motherhood.

Learn tools and strategies for dealing with ADHD/High needs behaviors as well as communication skills to get your partner/family on board.

*Not to mention, the other moms inside this program are also experiencing the exact same struggles and are so awesome and supportive. This community is one of a kind.


What’s important to understand

1) I am laying out the full blueprint A-Z in order for you to have a solid plan to Beat Burnout and to truly prioritize yourself for once!

 2)I will help you feel more confident and less stressed in parenting your ADHD/High needs kid(s)

My Guarantee:

If you don’t feel you have at least 50% better balance, more energy, and less symptoms of burnout, I will honour working with you for another month after the program with coaching calls weekly.

(Most clients do not require this however I want you to feel confident with your investment)

How much is it worth it to you to have your energy back, to feel joyful and alive again, to have better relationships with your kids, to have BALANCE in your life again!?

How much would it cost you to seek outside help over a longer span and with less specific resources?

How much will it cost you to stay stuck in groundhog day and burnout?

Ava Clark Coaching

Here is a breakdown of all the value you are getting and what is included….

A 3-month premiere program on truly prioritizing yourself, calming your nervous system, and beating burnout with high needs/ADHD kids, recorded course available for review for up to a year after you graduate! 

My guide and workbook on beating parental burnout.

My worksheet on calling in your resources and burnout team. 

A weekly group coaching call with the other member of the group to ask questions, gain insights from other moms and share wins and struggles. 

Invitation to my VIP Moms Academy Facebook Group where you will create connections with others in the program and have opportunities to share your struggles and wins. 

Proven parenting techniques to assist with needy/challenging behaviors that will help you gain confidence as a mom, feel less shame and guilt, and be more patient with your kids. 

My self care planner, inspiration guide and sacred contract to help you schedule and plan your self care.


Challenging negative beliefs worksheet and guide to help you feel more confident, less irritated, and overwhelmed.

Finding your Balance and Energy again! (priceless)

BONUS: 5 Recorded short, guided relaxations, self hypnosis scripts, and activities to calm your nervous system when you need a quick fix! 

My regular investment price is $2197 paid in full.

With your INTRODUCTORY FALL Special today the program is

$997 paid in full  (only available for a limited time for a few women)  

Monthly payment plans are available: $347/month

which is an incredible value for all of the expertise, resources, knowledge and TRANSFORMATION you will have!

This offer is only available for a limited amount of time and spots are filling up quickly and once these spots are filled it will be back to regular price. This discount is available in exchange for your feedback and testimonials. The group will be small so that I can really focus on delivering an awesome program to this group.

Payment plan

$347/ month

PAID in Full Discount

1 payment of $997 

Ava Clark Coaching, Online Coaching for Moms, Coaching Online

Superstar Moms Beating Burnout 12 week Online Course ONLY



"So many things have improved now. I still have my moments but I’m also more gentle on myself when they do happen. I’m happier and my life is more balanced. I have energy for my kids and my husband and myself for the first time in a long time. But most special to me is how much better my daughter and I are doing.

Our bond is stronger than ever and we share our feelings – big or little, happy, sad, silly, angry – and we discuss how its ok to have them all. We have fun together again. Our whole family dynamic has improved and I’m really excited about what the future holds for us. I honestly don’t know where I would have ended up if I hadn’t found you Ava! This course came to me right when I needed it the most and was a life changing experience. I am so grateful for all the knowledge and resources you shared. I truly hope you continue to offer it because it is a much needed resource in the fast paced world that most moms exist in right now. Thank you so much."

~ Chelsea


Not ready to invest in yourself just yet?

Join my free facebook group where you will find a supportive community of other Superstar moms along with free trainings and resources for moms of ADHD/High Needs kids.

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